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Residential Homes

Residential Design

Through an inquisitive, collaborative process, we design incredible homes. 

At Artisans Group, we design custom houses and other living spaces based on one thing: your vision.

Designing a house is exciting. It’s also overwhelming. As experts in home design and building science — and as idealists — we know exactly how to capture your ideas and translate them into a finished design that’s beautiful, sustainable, and distinctly you.

Expect a fun, curiosity-driven design process, enlightening visuals, a sustainability-minded approach, and ultimately a stunning, eco-friendly home design for a high-performance space that will last several lifetimes. 

Serving the Pacific Northwest and beyond, including Seattle, WA; the San Juan Islands; Portland, OR; and Olympia, WA. 

Custom Home

Every detail of your home should reflect you: what you love, how you live, and who you are. Through our deep knowledge of both building science and architectural design, our custom home architects are equipped to help you build a beautiful, low-carbon home that checks every last box.
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Passive House

Passive House design is our core expertise and the heart of our approach to design. The method includes five elements that combine airtightness with fresh, filtered air for healthier, more energy-efficient living. We combine beautiful design with the latest in building science and carbon-negative architecture for homes that are lighter on the Earth and more livable and reliable for you and yours. And if you choose to pursue certification, our team is primed to support you.
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Prefab Passive House

Pre-fabricated (prefab) Passive House design is an approach that cuts down on construction time, shaving months off the construction process. To design a prefab home, we partner with qualified prefab suppliers who construct the floors, roofs, and walls of your house off-site in a temperature-controlled environment. These pieces are then delivered to the site and assembled under the guidance of a qualified general contractor. 

An energy-efficient prefab home design is an excellent choice for hard-to-reach or far-flung locations or for times when scheduling in the construction industry is tight. Prefab homes are not modular homes; they’re custom projects designed to make your home a reality more quickly.
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A net-zero house is designed to both produce and consume the same amount of energy over the course of a year; Passive House eco-friendly home design is the best and most cost-effective way to go net-zero. The five elements of Passive House design can mesh with net-zero goals, such as building an all-electric, energy-producing house to cut back on the use of fossil fuels.
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Home Remodel

If you’re planning an addition, a full-house renovation, Passive House retrofit, or a large remodeling project (like a full kitchen update), our home remodel designers can help you realize your aesthetic vision while ensuring that your project is compliant and structurally sound. 

Our forward-thinking architects are experts in design theory and practical building approaches. And our experience in project management will ensure that all aspects of your project, from walls to widgets, are done right.
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Multi-Family Homes

Townhouses, co-ops, apartments, mixed-use, and multi-generational homes are all part of Artisans Group’s Multi-Family portfolio. Like our other designs, we focus on low-carbon home solutions, energy efficiency, beauty, and supreme comfort while meeting the needs of residents and developers with smart solutions and a cost-savings-oriented approach.
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Affordable Housing


We approach your Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) project with enthusiasm, curiosity, and attention to detail. Our goal is to help you improve your property value with a backyard guest house or rental that’s as beautiful, efficient, and pleasant to live in as possible. All ADUs can be built on-site or in collaboration with a prefab or modular contractor.
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Passive House Retrofit

If you love your home but wish it was more energy-efficient, consider a Passive House retrofit; we can improve any home using this approach. Our team will assess your space and create a design that integrates Passive House components and low-carbon building principles so you can drastically reduce energy use in your home. These may include improved thermal insulation, upgraded ventilation, addition of a heat recovery system, enhanced airtightness, and window replacement.
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