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Why It's Cool

Passive House Design

Beautiful, energy-saving homes using a science-based approach to design.

Passive House is an architectural design method that conserves up to 75% more energy than conventional construction and makes indoor living healthier, more comfortable, and more joyful.

We started using Passive House methods in Seattle and Olympia in 2009, much earlier than other architecture firms. That’s because, more than any other approach, Passive House meets the needs of clients who care equally about conservation and comfort. 

To date, we have more Passive House projects in our portfolio than any other architectural firm on the West Coast.

But we’re more than experts and industry leaders in Passive House. We’re enthusiasts. The combination of technology and modern design creates homes that are the most comfortable, bright, conservation-minded, low-maintenance homes anywhere. 

Life at home can be happier.

A great Passive House design makes your space more comfortable. It also decreases your mental load: you’ll spend less time worrying about your house and more time enjoying it. 


Passive House structures are a steady, comfortable temperature and the air inside is always fresh, filtered, and healthy. You don’t have to tolerate cold toes or allergic flare-ups. They’re also quieter: deep insulation, whisper-quiet mechanical systems, and triple-paned windows dampen the sounds of traffic and other outside noise.


With climate change making weather more extreme every year, a Passive House home is a secure, resilient refuge. Because they’re sturdier and more energy-independent than conventional homes, they’re better able to withstand superstorms and power outages. Science-based design elements ensure that they maintain core temperatures and healthy air quality, remain comfortable, and operate almost independently to make you and your loved ones safer.


Passive House design has been studied for decades and longstanding models prove that these structures last. You won’t have to hope your house will perform well. It will.

And if you plan to age in place, a Passive House structure will help you transition to a new phase of life without the need to renovate. Our projects feature zero thresholds, efficient floor plans, and wider doorways. 

Minimal Maintenance

High-quality materials and design that prioritizes performance mean you’ll have fewer maintenance costs over time. Walls and windows last longer and work better. Passive House structures are designed to last centuries. 

Life at home can be greener.

Targeted design elements help you live more lightly on the Earth by drastically reducing energy use and taming your monthly energy bills. 

Energy Efficiency

Houses designed to Passive House standards are up to 75% more energy efficient than traditional houses.

Lower bills

Passive House homes use heat from the sun, indoor appliances, and other heat-producing elements, such as light bulbs and computers, to create a snug environment. They also capture heat from already-warmed air. Because they don’t need an oversized traditional heating or cooling system, you save — a lot — on monthly bills.

Smaller footprint

It’s simple: because the house is optimized for energy use, your carbon footprint will be much smaller. You’ll consume less and feel better about it.
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