About Artisans Group

National Award winning

Architecture, Design & Sustainability Services Firm

Artisans Group Architecture and Planning is a 100% women owned OMWBE certified firm.

We are an innovative and award winning Architecture, Design & Sustainability Services firm dedicated to a better world through artful design and building science.  

Located in the inspirational Pacific Northwest corner of the United States, we have designed more homes to the rigorous Passive House standard than any other U.S. firm.

We care about you, the world we live in and the places we make.  We spend 90% of our lives indoors, so the biggest impact to your life, health and happiness is indeed the buildings we spend our lives in.  Do you eat organic, do you exercise regularly, drink lots of water, watch your health?  What about your house?  Your office?  The spaces we design are a place of beauty and health, a building to help you live your best life.

For you.  For us.  For our future. 


Artisans began as a small Olympia focused design/build firm and grew into the nationally focused Architecture and Planning firm of today. Building from our experience designing Built Green and LEED, we discovered the focused and effective building science of Passive house, becoming early adopters over a decade ago.  

Principals Tessa Bradley and Roussa Cassel collectively have over 35 years of Architecture practice with local, regional, and national design awards, and a massive portfolio of hundreds of successfully constructed projects.

We are Experts on Passive House Building Science

Passive House is an international approach to building science and construction practices.  It leads to more sustainable buildings with healthier, more comfortable, quiet indoor environments, with fresh filtered air.  

As a Net Zero energy focused firm, we leverage our experience with Passive house design principles to execute measurably better buildings to your benefit.


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