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Commercial Design

Commercial Design

Making your new building or tenant improvement project a reality.

Our broadly experienced, women-led firm will walk you through the commercial design and permitting processes one step at a time.  

Commercial design projects can be complicated, especially if you're incorporating low-carbon construction principles.

If you want to get yours done as quickly as possible — and be sure that it’s on budget and that you open on time— our commercial architects in Seattle, Olympia and beyond can help you navigate the process. We know how to limit your risk while ensuring that your design is elegant, feasible, and achievable.

We’ve been in the design business for more than two decades; we’re commercial kitchen layout experts, lighting designers, and permitting pros. And we know that effective planning in the pre-construction phase means less stress for you down the road. 

Partner with us to take the guesswork out of your commercial design project and to make sure it gets done as smoothly as possible.

We design hospitality projects (including award-winning restaurants and cafés), retail, manufacturing spaces, gyms, clinics, churches, community centers, boutique hotels, and more.

New Buildings

With a brand-new building, you have an opportunity to get it right from the get-go, and from the ground up. Our team is qualified to do projects at any scale and are skilled in areas such as low-carbon development. We have the relationships and experience to coordinate people from various disciplines, and are savvy (and dogged) enough to make sure your project is done well. 

We can work on your commercial design project no matter where you’re located.

Tenant Improvements (TI)

Our commercial design team works with your business to design a beautiful, custom interior. We understand the difficulty of taking on a commercial tenant improvement project while you’re running a business and are equipped to help through innovative design, top-notch problem-solving skills, low-carbon development expertise, excellent communication, and tireless details management. We have a strong history of helping small local businesses grow by creating aspirational spaces.

Mixed Use

Our mixed-use designs combine public and private spaces that infuse our communities with more beautiful, diverse, and useful places to live and work. 

Our projects feature amenities such as plazas, shared balconies, rooftop decks, and recreational spaces. We’ve also incorporated outdoor seating, canopies, smart bike storage, and garden sanctuaries. Indoor spaces feature high-performance materials, beautiful, sensible design, and a flow that makes sense for residents, workers, and customers.
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