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Innovative, sustainable neighborhood design through community engagement and inventive placemaking.

We use a robust community visioning process to develop a neighborhood design that will encourage healthy, interactive living.

Ideally, a neighborhood will provide the most housing possible, supporting density and addressing our national housing shortage. It will not only provide for the needs of private residents but will encourage people to mingle and connect with one another in common spaces. Good design makes for good neighbors.

Coming up with a design that works for everyone requires excellent communication and listening skills and a proven ability to balance competing interests. In addition to our award-winning designs and deep technical knowledge, we’re highly skilled communicators, facilitators, and innovative problem-solvers. 

When we’re designing a neighborhood, we think of everything: context, scale, aesthetics, and the wider impact of the project on surrounding neighborhoods and the wider community. 

Our sustainable community planning features a variety of housing options including townhouses, apartments, senior housing, cottages, co-op buildings, single family residences, and mixed-use buildings. 

We give special attention to community spaces, prioritizing choices that reflect community values, including the use of visual art, interactive exhibits, garden spaces, water features, and more. Our goal is to create spaces that spark connection, conversation, and joy.
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