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Habitat for Humanity Tâlícn Townhomes

Working closely with the South Puget Sound Habitat for Humanity we developed a staggered duplex townhouse design that will provide affordable and high performance homes for local families that meet the rigorous Evergreen Sustainable Development standard.  The pragmatic and modern design of these duplex townhouses helps the contractor stretch every dollar in the interest of increasing performance and efficiency while the staggered entrances and variation in roof lines provide visual interest and a unique neighborhood experience.

With a floor plan that accommodates 3 bedrooms (or a fourth accessible bedroom on the ground floor), 2 bathrooms, a roomy kitchen and an island that serves a large great room, this townhouse is ready to add usability, performance and aesthetic interest to urban infill lots, subdivisions and eco-villages alike.

And because this design is developed to meet such a rigorous sustainability standard, we can readily adapt it to meet Net-Zero, Passive House, Built Green and LEED Certification requirements.        

Habitat for Humanity Townhouse Features:

  • Evergreen Sustainable Development Standard - a rigorous building performance standard that contains criteria that safeguard health and safety, increase durability, promote sustainable living, preserve the environment and increase energy and water efficiency.
  • Staggered duplex townhouse design provides additional privacy by creating discrete entrances for each home.
  • Optional accessible ground floor bedroom floor plan allows for a 4 bedroom townhouse design. 

Some Design Partnership Background:

The South Puget Sound Habitat for Humanity approached us with a wonderful opportunity to work together on the development of a 3-acre parcel for affordable homes.  An advocate for local resilience, the Sound Puget Sound affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International serves Thurston County, Washington and is “governed locally, raises funds locally and builds locally.”  Their mission driven approach provides affordable, healthy and sustainable housing and creates a unique opportunity for people to become homeowners of healthy and sustainable new homes when traditional options often leave them on the outside looking in.  We are honored to be part of the South Puget Sound Habitat for Humanity’s team.

Project Type Multi-Family

Location Olympia