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Chelsea Farms Oyster Bar

Chelsea Farms Oyster Bar

Originally opened in 2016 as part of the 222 Market's historic remodel, Chelsea Farms Oyster Bar has played a significant role in downtown Olympia's revitalization.  Following its success as the area’s first farm-to-table oyster bar, we worked with Chelsea Farms again in 2019 to expand its restaurant and kitchen to become an anchor tenant of this now bustling corner of downtown Olympia.

As Chelsea Seafood Farm's first restaurant, our goal with Chelsea Farms Oyster Bar was to work with them on a restaurant design and experience representative of their company's philosophy of environmental stewardship and care for their community roots.  This meant celebrating their space and their process with an elegant stage for food prep areas around which the dining experience would take place, all while enhancing the light art deco character of its site by mirroring the building’s exterior curve with the bar and seating.  It’s a floor plan that provides staff a clear and logical layout and invites guests into the farm-to-table shellfish restaurant experience.    

Key Elements of Chelsea Farms Restaurant Design

  • Adaptive Reuse
  • Experiential Design
  • Farm-to-Table Shellfish
  • Local Sourcing

(Built by Corley Company)

Project Type Commercial

Location Olympia