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Sofie's Scoops

Local to Olympia, Washington, Sophie's Scoops is a women-owned and fast growing gelato business. The shop sits on a relatively busy street with growing commercial and residential expanding the downtown area. A wide sidewalk allowed for incorporated outdoor seating lining the windows of the storefront, where stools are covered in glitter and expands the footprint of the tiny retail space. 

The lively storefront and signage invites people to stop in for a treat or enjoy their gelato while they people watch. Inside, the space is characterized by floral wall coverings and playful millennial pink tile with viewing windows into the kitchen where each batch is made from scratch. With a fun and relaxed vibe, this project keeps the spirit of the neighborhood candy or ice cream bar truly alive.

(Built by Bailey General Contractors, LLC)

Project Type Commercial

Location Olympia