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Dogwood Net-Zero Passive House

Home to a family of four, the Dogwood house is an elegant yet modest project located in an urban area of Olympia, Washington. Though this pre-fabricated, net zero certified Passive House is an excellent example of smart building technology, it was designed to be in scale with the existing neighborhood, engaging the street with a front porch and large south facing windows.

Dogwood is the result of an ever-changing urban lot. The original home, now converted to an ADU, sits behind the new residence. The home worked with a small footprint to maximize both the interior living spaces, as well as the exterior spaces. To facilitate family life and provide privacy, the main floor consists of the entertaining spaces, kitchen, and the children’s rooms. The upper floor houses the primary bedroom and access to a large roof deck. A mezzanine floor provides a space for a large hammock net where the kids can lounge around and still be in eyesight from the kitchen below.

(Built by Helios High Performance Building)

Project Type Prefab

Location Olympia