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Sunrise Beach Mid-Century Remodel

The Sunrise Beach Residence is a remodel of a mid-century two bedroom home on the waterfront. The original structure was deteriorated and its interior spaces were dark and closed off from one another with very low ceilings, but the location was prime and the owner had a vision for a swanky pad that didn't involve expanding the footprint or tearing off the roof. 

Originally clad in cedar shingles that had far outlived its time, the exterior received a facelift with new metal cladding, windows and roofing. Overhangs were selectively added and only the corner buttresses were retained to keep the mid-century intrigue without looking dated. An open floor plan was designed for the gathering spaces and skylights were added to bring in ample light and give the feeling of taller ceilings. Quality finishes and organized intentional changes to the residence kept the spirit of the era but bring its materiality and function into the future.

(Built by Buehler Homes LLC)

Project Type Remodel

Location Puget Sound