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Tracy Buckles & Chloe Dog


“I just love the family of AGAP — the people make my job more fun.”

Behind the scenes, Tracy keeps our firm humming. She does loads of paperwork, the hidden side of making a business work, from payroll and HR tasks to bookkeeping. Day to day, she’s all about deadlines, tackling things one at a time, in order of importance, until they’re done. 

“Math comes easy,” she says. “I like numbers because they are honest and clear.”

Tracy has been with the firm since 2015 and says she’s stayed all this time because each person is there not only because they have the skills to fill a position but because they fit the culture of the firm. And they care about each other. 

Case in point: when Tracy adopted Chloe, her co-workers insisted that she come to work. In fact, when Tracy worked in the office, visitors would stop by just to visit the dog who is, by all accounts, a ray of sunshine.

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