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The Coolest Awnings in Puget Sound!

The Jewel Box is getting some earrings. The awnings were placed yesterday and look sharp as all get-out. The awning over the entryway to the house will have clear polycarbonate overhead and the workshop awning will have galvanized metal. Ultra cool!

Check ‘em out!

“The forward-thinking “Passive House” technology came along as a bonus I hadn’t thought much about in advance—that turned out to be a remarkable advantage I wouldn’t want to be without. I liked the idea of a house that doesn’t use a lot of energy, but the main advantage has been a new paradigm of comfort difficult to compare to anything I had experienced before. It’s quiet, the air is always fresh, the temperature steady in a comfortable range.”

Don Freas, The Jewel Box

The Jewel Box gets more attention than we ever imagined!  People constantly stop their cars to take a look at this gorgeous Passive House and then want to know who designed it.  It is so integrated into it's surroundings that modern elements are in harmony with neighboring and more traditional Puget Sound view properties yet add a wonderful, fresh dimension to this bustling waterfront area.

It has also been wonderful advertising for our firm but our greatest joy has been in helping Don design a home that he absolutely loves to come home to and live in. The coolest awnings ever didn't hurt things either.  Okay, we just love those awnings but that is because designing the home was so much fun, especially collaboration over the awnings and how they would be integrated into the design for the exact look and feel our client wanted.