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Testimonials-Tooting our Horn

Hey why not? Customer service is serious business around here and for good reason, without them there is no business.

We’re grateful there are folks out there searching to lower their carbon footprint and build green and…who let us know we’re doing a good job!

“I have nothing but good things to say about Artisans Group. The entire staff has been with me every step of the way from the initial design discussions to the final product! They have been available by phone, email, and in person whenever I have had questions.”

“We are very excited about our passive house built by the Artisans Group! After interviewing many home builders, we chose Artisans Group because of Randy and Tessa’s knowledge, team spirit, and commitment to building quality, energy-saving homes.”

“Our experience of working with the Artisans Group was remarkably smooth. The outcome exceeded our expectations. We feel we got what we paid for – a well-built home using much less energy than the average home, that will be comfortable to live in for many years, with no headaches during the building process.”

“They seem just as excited as I am about the project and its realization! I feel very fortunate to have found this company to build my house AND I have a new group of friends as well!”

“Great job and we will definitely (and are already) recommend your company to others. There is hardly a day that goes by that someone, usually walking their dogs through the neighborhood, doesn’t comment on the wonderful looks of our home!”

“The idea of a passive house was new to us and we chose it because of its overall view of environmental sustainability – one that would reduce energy use by design, rather than one dependent on technology. Thank you Tessa and Randy for introducing this idea to us!”

“We were impressed by the home The Artisans Group designed for us. Its simplicity belies the many requirements we had (we wondered how they would accommodate them all) and included pleasant surprises that creatively solved some of our issues.”

“The complexity involved in all the details of building a house is huge; we were impressed by the complete professionalism with which Artisans Group carried out their job.”

“The quality, creativity, expertise and service have been second to none. We had tried to build a home a year ago with another builder, but our needs weren’t being met. The Artisans Group was empathetic about our prior experience and since working with them we have been extremely happy!”

“You can’t greenwash this. You have to be a terrific builder to do this…”

” The windows never feel cold, nor do the concrete floors, even though they don’t have in-floor heating… I’m so impressed with the outcome, I would never have imagined it would work so well!”

“Whether you are building a custom built or a spec house, the people at the Artisans Group are high touch, highly competent professionals.”

“The numbers speak for themselves… I can’t see why anyone would build any other way than a Passive House… it just wouldn’t make sense! Thanks Artisans Group!”

“From the beginning, The Artisans Group very clearly organized our huge project by providing information and a chronology of decisions we would have to make.”

“Most importantly, the company’s system of having the same production manager and site supervisor involved throughout the project (six months in our case) always made us feel that our home was in the hands of people who truly cared.”

“These people are just plain fun, talented and easy to work with!”

“Quality is what first comes to mind when I think of The Artisans group. Quality shows in the materials, guidance, workmanship, timeliness and especially the people. We are so pleased with our house AND we actually missed them all when they were finished!

“The project was a pleasure for me from start to finish.”

“I love our house. I love it when I am weeding in the back-40 and looking back toward the house, patio and water feature. I love it when we drive in the driveway. I love it when I am washing the dishes. I love the office nook and use it for hours some days…”

“Everything has been absolutely fantastic!”

“My association with Artisans Group has been very satisfying. You produce a quality product and ALL of your employees are friendly, helpful, and talented. You can be sure that I will recommend you whenever I have the opportunity.”

“The things I can say regarding The Artisans Group is number one, you have a great team!“

“The Artisans Group care for detail; the subtle things that are so important in the final look and feel of the home were outstanding! The integrity of you and your team doing your best at what you all do was evident throughout the project. After living in our home now for over 3 months, we have nothing to complain about…nothing!”

*These quotes are direct quotes from our clients, however, purposefully left anonymous. We’d be happy to connect you up with past clients as you are doing your homework.