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Seattle Neighborhoods - Putting Passive House in Context

There is a trend in Seattle neighborhoods where, due to the lack of available lots, small houses are being torn down and replaced by homes that are many times larger than the originals, transforming the streetscape, and often to the dismay of the established residents. But the fact remains that there is still a shortage of available lots, the market is rebounding and much of the existing housing stock consists of pre-war cottages and ramblers in deteriorated and structurally-unsafe condition, not to mention terribly inefficient and uncomfortable for the occupants.

Designing for Seattle Neighborhoods

Artisans Group has recently started taking projects in Seattle, but we do things a lot differently than a speculative developer. We work with clients who have made a conscious decision to replace their structure with a new Passive House to better meet their lifestyle and reduce their ecological footprint, moving towards zero net energy consumption.
The homes we design carefully consider the context and character of the neighborhood through massing and shading studies. Most of them are around 2,000 sf or less, and they all use 1/10th the energy of a home the same size. We don't believe in designing contemporary homes to look like they are from a bygone era. Many of these neighborhoods are already an eclectic mix of styles and a more modern home can easily fit it if they are designed to the right scale and an effort is made to incorporate design features that make it feel friendly and inviting.

Seattle Neighborhoods - Passive House in Context

A home designed to fit the neighborhood scale for a long-term resident in Ballard.
Seattle Neighborhoods - Passive House in Context
This house in West Seattle was set back and carefully designed to prevent shading the neighbor to the North, who had recently installed a solar array on their roof. At just over 2,000 sq ft it will serve three generations under one roof.

About Artisans Group

The Artisans Group specializes in building and remodeling some of the finest eco-friendly and energy-efficient homes in the Seattle & Olympia area. We are an eclectic band of uniquely talented Pacific Northwest architects, designers, craftsman, and managers with a shared passion for home design. Passive Houses are our niche, and we provide the simplest solutions to guarantee comfort and durability in home design while providing soulful beauty. Our mantra, 'Advanced Homes Made Elegant', succinctly captures the art and passion of our design and build team, as well as all remodel projects. This design philosophy is a dedication you can feel and a finesse in architecture that always proves stunning.

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