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Passive House Interview: The Nixon Home

The Nixon Home, located in the Ken Lake area, is a gem that blends in well with the surrounding community. Its wonderful owners wanted to have all the perks of a Passive House (like 1/10 the energy of a traditional home) while staying budget conscious with the design elements. What resulted was a gorgeous home with a simple layout that still features a lot of glass, vaulted ceilings, a cook's kitchen that accommodates a crowd, and all with low-maintenance materials that will last for decades.

It has proved to be the perfect backdrop for the collection of drool-worthy mid-century furniture that furnishes the home beautifully. But perhaps most of all, the owners report that it's Cooper favorite house he's ever lived in (the family dog/boss)!

Here's a quick interview with the owners so you can hear firsthand what kind of folks support the Passive House movement and their experience working with Artisans Group. And if all this makes you want a more up-close look, come check out the home this August when it is features as part of the Tour of Homes!

Interview With the Owners of the Nixon Passive House

How did you learn about Passive House and Artisans Group? We were interested in building a house with a modern style so we began to look at books and magazines with a modern design focus. While browsing several popular books on modern construction methods we discovered the Passive House idea. After searching the Internet for architects, we were surprised to find the Artisans Group right in our town. We heard many great compliments on their design and build quality from our friends and coworkers.

Can you tell us a little bit about the past types/styles of homes you've lived in and why you chose a Passive House now? We have lived in ranch-style houses and condos before our new house. We wanted an energy-efficient house that also allowed us to age in place. The design style of the Artisans Group and the Passive house standards meet all of our needs in one package.

How long have you been in your new home? Does it meet your expectations so far? We have only been in our new house one month, so everything is still very new and exciting.

What feature of your new home do you love the best and why? It is a hard question, since we have a long list of things we like about our house. Just to give a few examples, we love the open floor plan with large windows in our great room, the warm floors with radiant floor heating, and the quietness of the house.

What kind of difference in indoor air quality and energy efficiency have you noticed with your Passive House? We are still too new in the house. We are expecting our first post-construction energy bill soon. We are very curious about the dollar amount on it. The house always feels fresh, and best of all the mechanical systems in the house are not noisy.

Knowing what you know now and having been through the Passive House process, would you recommend it to others? A Passive House is a great option for people interested in conserving energy, and maintaining a high level of comfort.

About Artisans Group

The Artisans Group specializes in building and remodeling some of the finest eco-friendly and energy-efficient homes in the Seattle & Olympia area. We are an eclectic band of uniquely talented Pacific Northwest architects, designers, craftsman, and managers with a shared passion for home design. Passive Houses are our niche, and we provide the simplest solutions to guarantee comfort and durability in home design while providing soulful beauty. Our mantra, 'Advanced Homes Made Elegant', succinctly captures the art and passion of our design and build team, as well as all remodel projects. This design philosophy is a dedication you can feel and a finesse in architecture that always proves stunning.

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