Hello Boston Harbor Neighborhood!

You have probably been wondering about the scurry of construction around your area of Olympia. What recently was a muddy slope is rapidly becoming the home of Ed and Lasha, our wonderful clients. We write in the spirit of being a good community member and also since we are always excited to provide details about our projects.

At 1850 square feet Ed and Lasha’s house is two bedroom, two bath with a bonus space in the basement.  Designed for aging in place and accessibility, the unique floor plan optimizes views of the harbor. Despite the narrow lot it creates privacy even in a bustling public setting.  We kept the form low and friendly, but with modern touches to spice things up!
Like all our projects, we are proud to say that their home will use less energy to heat itself than it takes to run a hair dryer. Ed and Lasha's home will be a Passive House, which is a stringent international standard for high energy efficient and quality construction.  This approach keeps toes warm, sweaters unused, and blankets forgotten. Energy bills will be laughably small, finishes will last, and the air will be extra fresh and clean; great for asthma, allergies, health and comfort.  Truly, there is no lifestyle quite like living in one of our Artisans Group homes. It was a challenge, but we have even figured how to retrofit an existing house to meet these levels of performance!

We are excited to be working in your neighborhood, watch for coming open houses during construction!  Please let us know if you have any questions, concerns or just plain curiosity along the way.

Artisans Group
Corner View

Corner View
Street View
Street View

Posted on March 06, 2015


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