Green Washing and Business Ethics

So, you've heard of white-washing, it's a cousin to the ubiquitous white lie. Easy to do, easy to justify, doesn't really hurt anyone. Right? Well, wrong really. Green-washing is the daisy-in-the-hair-country-cousin and is a bad seed. Green-washing is a short story; it's what some companies do or say that makes them appear more earth-friendly than they actually are. Simple as that.

Not so simple is determining what’s really green and what’s not given that you spend your days focused on other things. In this time of fortuitous and popular green-thinking, with most folks seeking to do the right thing, there are many opportunities for the unsuspecting homeowner to fall prey to the possibilities of getting a lighter shade of green.

If you are considering a remodel or new construction project, for your own peace of mind, ask a lot of questions, do some research and get your contractor to quantify and qualify the end result of what is claimed green. Give a nod to Missouri-the Show Me state.

In our little village of Olympia, our contractors are generally dialed in and have a lot of integrity when it comes to such things, but it always good for the consumer to know what they are paying for.

Posted on October 04, 2009


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