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2010 Olympia Master Builder's Tour of Homes Oct 23910

The Artisans Group is featuring three homes on the Olympia Master Builder’s Tour of Homes this year.

1 : Imagine a house that uses less energy than a hairdryer to heat it… it’s true, this is that house. This is an exciting new project that we recently broke ground on. It’s a new custom ultra energy efficient Passive House located in the Northeast neighborhood of Olympia. This is the first of it’s kind in South Puget Sound and only the second in all of Washington State.

For more details of the project or to read about what the Passive House Standard is, see the project blog [here]. Location: 1114 Marion Street, Olympia WA 98506. Go to map.

2 : Lovely brand new custom home designed by The Artisans Group for Laupen Homes. This simply elegant home is an absolute delight! Built Green Level 5, this home has an unequaled uniqueness that must be seen. Unexpected and whimsical design belies the serious approach to site integration and energy performance. Located at: 10621 Katieann Lane SE in Olympia.


3 : New custom home designed by The Artisans Group for Laupen Homes. It boasts a high energy efficiency rating of Built Green Level 5 and even higher LEED Silver rating, the first in Olympia. The homeowners desired a beautiful blend of PNW meets Mediterranean, it really hits that mark. This home is truly custom in every way, no details were left behind as the homeowners knew exactly what they wanted.

You can easily see this home from the first round-about on the west-side of the 4th Avenue Bridge; it’s just up the hill at 123 West Bay Drive.