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Natalie Parks


“Architectural design is intentional and pragmatic problem-solving that results in an experience.”

As a drafting and design specialist, Natalie is fascinated with the power of good architecture and design. She knows that spaces, both elaborate and subtle, require an incredible amount of organization and thought. She most loves spaces that elicit a reaction and makes you want to look more closely; spaces where you can appreciate the details not only for their function but for their beauty.

Natalie generates beautiful renderings and has an excellent mind for thinking through interiors. She can quickly compose artful imagery, highlighting nostalgia and experiences within the built environment.

Natalie’s designs are layered and — at once — composed and relaxed, tailored and tactile. She’s proud to create well-lit spaces crafted with natural materials where people retreat and curl up to read, display the things they love, gather with others, or focus on work.

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“Design is translation. It’s the process of drafting a feeling.”
Ysabel Colón
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“It’s satisfying to design models…creating functional and accurate elements to help bring designs to reality.”
Luke Allegre
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“Great design starts with a profound understanding of the human element."
Katherine McBride