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Passive House Northwest

Our regional Passive House Northwest conference, recently held at the Evergreen Long House, was a great success! The day began with a compelling and at times controversial keynote speech by Green Building Advisor’s Senior Editor, Martin Halloday, who set the stage for further critical thinking throughout the conference. We enjoyed his presentation very much as it’s the kind of challenging ‘binder’ that either holds our collective thinking together or challenges it to become greater. In either case, it’s a win! So, big thanks Martin.

The balance of the day held juicy discussions about how to manage moisture in a PH, the systems from water to air handling, details on energy modeling, building efficiency trends, PH initiatives, and current projects show and tell. Artisans Group was there to present and answer questions on two of our current Passive House projects (North and The Jewel Box). Following the conference, we hosted a small tour through the homes for attendees.

There are around 300 or so Certified Passive House Consultants in the U.S., a growing number, but not too many yet. These events are a critical playground for many of us to get together and compare notes, and share successes and failures, there is no question the Passive House movement is moving… at a fast rate! It’s very affirming to be in a room with so many great people with capable minds focusing on a common goal and be willing to work together toward the success for the greater global community.

Being a pioneer is not always smooth or easy, but this dedicated group is the real thing. We’re glad to be part of it.