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Madrona Haus, another beautiful custom Passive House on the Puget Sound coming to life!

Madrona Haus, another beautiful, custom Passive House on the Puget Sound coming to life!

We always like to share updates on our most interesting projects and this is definitely one of them. A stunning Artisans Group design, Madrona Haus snuggles itself into a steep narrow lot overlooking the Puget Sound. You can read more about the unique design and see renderings of the concept on our website under the projects tab by clicking here.

Here we are sharing progress photos of some of the design elements that make this home so special.

The see-through cantilevered living room acts as a view window out to the water. It also gives a glimpse of the life inside the house while the rest of the activity stays private behind the concrete wall.

The forest view wall makes a focal point for the great room. With a view this spectacular, floor-to- ceiling windows are a must! These give a joyful feeling of being IN the view while the smaller windows give a serene feeling of looking out INTO the view.

To top it all off, an asymmetrical butterfly roof pops itself out of the large expanse of near flat roof that covers both the carport and master bedroom. This makes for an intriguing highlight that draws the observer towards the public portions of the house.

Check back soon for a fresh update on this custom Passive House on the Puget Sound!