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Cantilevers on a Passive House? In the words of George Takei, Oh Myyyyy

We recently received the go-ahead to build the foundation of the Madrona House, in Olympia, WA and yes, it has the design element both feared and admired by Passive House gurus everywhere, even Seattle —the cantilever. This project is architecturally quite striking, and essential. It sits on a very steep lot and has the flexibility to be a larger home or a smaller home with a guest space in the basement. Concrete spines, Japanese-style courtyards, flying butterfly roofs, and epic 10' cantilevers are just a few of the many "high design" elements in this custom home, and like all of our homes, is designed by Artisans Group Owner, Tessa Smith. Despite its complex shape and dramatic design, it will be thermal bridge free and airtight due to careful detailing and Passive House modeling. Redefining modern homes to be both stunning and practical is not for the faint of heart, and this home will have many elements that Passive Houses typically try to avoid. But we are pushing the limits, and are excited for this 2015 build. We might be crazy . . . crazy like a fox, that is.

Madrona_Rear Madrona_Approach Madrona_South Madrona_West