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It's Getting Close

After guiding another custom Passive House from rough idea to reality, it’s incredibly exciting to arrive with our clients at the threshold of their beautiful new lifestyle home, Delphi Passive House.  In our client’s words:

At our first meeting, we really liked Tessa and Randy.  They seemed to get what we wanted and that they would be great to work with.  Other builders told us what homes they build, Randy and Tessa built the home we wanted.  We would like to move into our new home, but so far we like what we have seen. We absolutely love the kitchen, and the lighted soffits, and the porch.  To date, there is nothing we would change."  Laura F

It is here.  It is move-in week, and we are honored to deliver their dream home.

Almost there...

This process is an intense buildup of anticipation.  Since the last update, our experts applied the master strokes on interior and exterior finishes, conducted blower door tests to ensure rigorous standards were met, and now leave the site a marvel of comfort and design.  All that’s left to do is savor that moment of handing over the keys to our excited clients.  Cheers.

We hope you enjoy the video below, a silent time-lapse celebration of another gorgeous custom conclusion.  We look forward to sharing our final photos in the weeks ahead.