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2017 Remodeling Excellence Awards

2017 Remodeling Excellence Awards

The Olympia Master Builders’ 2017 Remodeling Excellence Awards are official.  From within Ricardo’s Restaurant, word is brought forth.

And...drum roll...please…

Our clients win big!  One, two, three Artisans Group remodels recognized for their outstanding quality.  

Two beautiful Kitchens & a magnificent Market

Take out a wall.  Highlight floor length windows.  Bring in locally made fir cabinets and creatively welcome the light with a suspended glass cabinet over a window.  Realize modern benefits yet maintain era consistency with sustainable Marmoleum flooring and LED lighting.  Anchor this elegance with an inviting quartz island and...voila! ...a beautifully updated mid-century modern kitchen!  

This kitchen remodel transforms the home.  With the invitation for radiant sunlight to stream into the great room, a feeling of warm openness remains.  And the attention to detail brings a grounding cohesiveness to the mid-century modern design.

2017 Remodeling Excellence Awards

Our clients sought a kitchen to harmonize with their lifestyle.  Their desire for an elegant aesthetic, mixed with health driven culinary needs, drove the program for this remodel.  We listened, and got to work.

By removing a dropped kitchen ceiling, expanding the floor plan into the existing dining area, and creating multiple food preparation areas, we brought much greater flow and usability to their home.  

With creamy white perimeter cabinets, a stained cherry island, dark textured oak flooring, Carrara marble counter tops, coffered ceilings and beaded wainscot panels, the kitchen became a wonderful gathering space.  A place for their family to share conversation, food, and breathtaking views of the Ocean.

2017 Remodeling Excellence Awards

Once a Packard dealership, Olympia’s 222 Market now makes a great case for the power of design in urban revival.

Our client dreamed of a European style artisan food hall in Olympia.  Their desire to create a gathering space that celebrates high quality regional culinary craft was a strong guide throughout the 222 Market’s design and construction. 

Increased natural light, open spaces for socializing, and easy visual access to the artisanal markets within, allows and encourages community.  Through tasteful natural design elements, like warm wooden paneling and large interior windows, each tenant is both showcased and woven into the harmony of a community.

The success of this creative collaboration with our client continues.

2017 Remodeling Excellence Awards

Congratulations, Everyone.

To our clients.  You entrust us with your aspirations and, sometimes, the homes you currently live in.  We feel a great sense of accomplishment delivering you a place that emboldens your life with joy.

To our Design team.  Your ability to listen to our clients and craft elegant solutions to their needs continues to push the envelope of form and function.  The Pacific Northwest is more beautiful and fun for your creative machinations.            

To our Build team.  Your attention to detail and dedication to our high expectations of quality while getting the job done, on budget and on time, are why our clients gasp and smile when they walk into their dreams made real.  You got’r done, cheers!

 To Olympia Master Builders, a Pacific Northwest building trade association that promotes excellence in our rapidly growing community.  Your diligent education and promotion of thoughtful community centric development inspires us all to design and build better.  Kudos to the success of your outreach and advocacy.

2017 Remodeling Excellence Awards