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Custom Energy Efficient Home Builders

We design and build the most elegant energy-efficient homes in the world, using the unparalleled Passive House standard.

Visualize living in the home of your dreams. Enjoy fresh indoor air quality, stable room temperatures day and night, and use less energy to heat your home than it takes to run a hairdryer. Relax in ultimate comfort with all the the pleasures of a home, and pay 90% less on your heating costs. Sounds good, doesn't it!

It wouldn't surprise us if you're skeptical, green building and sustainable design often come with complex systems and high-cost.

Our homes have simple mechanical systems, easy to understand and inexpensive to maintain. Our designs offer the simplest and most sensible way to achieve net-zero in our region! Imagine making all the electricity you need right at home.

Your home can be the foundation of a simple life with wide-ranging comfort. People who value flexibility, energy independence and innovative house designs have arrived. Your time is now.


Update on the Finch Pocket House and The Tour of Homes.....Also, Pirates
For those of you watching the progress of our very first Pocket House, the Finch Haus, with bated breath, I regret to inform you this particular project won't be on the upcoming Tour of Homes. Schedule wise, it was going to be close,...


"You can't greenwash this. You have to be a terrific builder to do this..."

"The numbers speak for themselves... I can't see why anyone would build any other way than a Passive House..."

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"Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen."
~Ralph Waldo Emerson