Advanced Homes Made Elegant

We are an award winning Pacific Northwest Design-Build firm that focuses on our customers’ dreams. We will build you a beautiful, modern, ecological home that is a joy to come home to and live in.

I love this house. The kitchen is amazing and the living space is like being in a vacation cabin. It’s so open and the light is wonderful all day. We can see the moon, stars, and planets at night from the clerestory windows. 

Thank you. –Ann G

We are also the leading experts in the design and build of the revolutionary, highly sought after Passive-House. These truly advanced homes, made elegant by our creative design team, achieve outstanding energy savings and comfort without artistic compromise.  And this is achieved without the expense and maintenance of solar panel systems.

Clients Rave Over The Comfort Of These Unique Homes

Cherished for their alluring design, comfort and sustainability, Passive-Houses are cutting edge technology.  Science based, integrated design eliminates the need for mechanical heating and cooling systems without the additional expense and maintenance of solar panels.  Fresher, healthier indoor air is constantly provided through natural ventilation and air exchangers.  Abundant, light giving windows provide passive solar energy, even in winter.  Quality construction creates a wonderfully quiet, durable home and eliminates uncomfortable temperature fluctuations. Passive means unsurpassed comfort, period.

We Have Designed and Built More Passive Houses Than Any Other Builder In The Pacific Northwest

When you choose our Design-Build firm, you enjoy the benefits of an all-inclusive experience that frees you from the time-consuming and demanding job of acting as general contractor.   Instead, your primary focus becomes that of collaborator, working with an attentive and award winning team of cutting edge architects, designers, artisan craftsmen and dedicated project managers. Your new home will be on budget and reflect your personality, preferences, and lifestyle.

Our motto “Advanced Homes Made Elegant” means you do not have to compromise artistic style to enjoy life in a “Green” and sustainable home.

We invite you to explore our website to learn more about how our company can make your custom dream home both a reality and an enjoyable experience. Custom home building services, including non-passive, are provided throughout the Pacific Northwest, with our design-builds found in city as well as rural settings, from Portland to Seattle, and even beyond to the beautiful San Juan Islands.

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