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Vogel Haus: A Certified Passive House in the Making

We added all of our Olympia and Seattle Passive Houses we have designed and built (including the work we are building this year) and we are up to more than 18 homes!  It's inspiring to be a part of such a successful movement and see our clients experience a better way to live through a scientific approach to building ultra energy efficient homes without compromising aesthetics.

Certified Passive House Construction Update!

The Vogel Haus will be a PHI certified Passive House and a unique project from a design standpoint.  We are at the framing and air sealing stage, heading for our blower door test with excitement and trepidation.  A certified Passive House must meet a stringent o.o6 at 50 air changes per hour. This means we take extra time in construction to make certain that gaskets, mastic, and tape are employed at appropriate junctions to ensure a quality and an air-tight shell. The Vogel Haus is a small, low-slung modern home on a large verdant grassy meadow with a gorgeous wooded backdrop. It is designed to take advantage of long sight lines, as well as offer a nice balance of solar exposure and protected shady areas for retreat and privacy. Its open floor plan with a stunning glass box for the dining area makes it feels like you are sitting in a sun room (but without the typical overheating!). The clients are avid gardeners who desired a strong connection to the outdoors and put a lot of importance on food preparation and cooking.  Thus, we designed the kitchen as the heart of this home. Certified Passive House - Vogel HausCertified Passive House - Vogel Haus Certified Passive House - Vogel HausCertified Passive House - Vogel Haus Certified Passive House - Vogel Haus Certified Passive House - Vogel Haus

About Artisans Group

The Artisans Group specializes in building and remodeling some of the finest eco-friendly and energy-efficient homes in the Seattle & Olympia area. We are an eclectic band of uniquely talented Pacific Northwest architects, designers, craftsman, and managers with a shared passion for home design and making custom home dreams come true. Passive Houses are our niche, and we provide the simplest solutions to guarantee comfort and durability in home design while providing soulful beauty. Our mantra, 'Advanced Homes Made Elegant', succinctly captures the art and passion of our design and build team, as well as all remodel projects. This design philosophy is a dedication you can feel and a finesse in architecture that always proves stunning. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest