Design-Build Firm Benefits

We bring your dream home to life through Design-Build, the perfect marriage of art and construction.  From the first conversation with you, to when you move into your new home, everyone on your team- visionary designers, skilled draftsmen, dedicated project managers, artisan carpenters and impeccable bookkeepers  — brings a dedication to simplifying the process and making it enjoyable, educational and satisfying.

Design-Build is an expertly streamlined process that saves you time, headaches and money without sacrificing artistic design.

In typical Design-Bid-Build, you, as the owner, must contract with many different entities. You will need to secure an architect, finalize design, bid the project out and choose a contractor.  You will then need to act as an intermediary to ensure your interests, including aesthetics, livability of design, quality of build and financials, are constantly aligned and in check.

With us, your project is contracted under one roof, in a fully integrated and seamless process managed by a team of experts who advocate for your interests from start to finish.  This leaves you free to focus on the most important and fun part, collaboration with your team to bring your dream to life.

Design-Build allows for the ultimate in collaboration and flexibility

Architectural interest are kept intact because architects work closely with other members of the team to keep your vision at the forefront and to avoid unforeseen cost and delays. Budgets are kept on track through team meetings. Flexibility means field personnel can call architects and designers to clarify plans, or make fluid changes at almost any point. Dedicated project managers manage all subcontractors and in house craftsmen.  Everyone designing and managing your project is your advocate, in-house and available.  They understand all the ins and outs of your project and work seamlessly together toward the same goal—ultimately saving you time and money and bringing peace of mind throughout the whole process

We are also highly transparent with clients, partners, and employees. Working together as a tight-knit team is necessary to deliver our exceptional quality at competitive cost.

Our team works together every single day, pulling in a consistent direction and working towards a singular end — your perfect home.

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“Our experience of working with the Artisans Group was remarkably smooth. The outcome exceeded our expectations. We feel we got what we paid for – a well-built home using much less energy than the average home, that will be comfortable to live in for many years, with no headaches during the building process.”- Debbie L

Island Passive House

Island Passive House - built 200X 1533 sf, Shaw Island, San Juans, WA