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Skyline Passive House

Aperture Prefab Passive House

Designed for a classic Pacific Northwest lot with large and extensive evergreen trees, Aperture is a single-family prefab Passive House that efficiently works with its site to deliver an elegant and modern respite with all of the advantages of cutting edge building science.

Built by Birdsmouth in Portland, Oregon, Aperture’s unique roof features solar scoops that allow this Passive House to receive enough solar gain for both excellent natural lighting and heating all winter long, even with substantial trees nearby.  In addition, these solar scoops will dramatically mark the seasons by filtering the changing natural light throughout the home.     

Aperture is:

  • a Passive House
  • a prefab home
  • aging in place design
  • net-zero solar ready 

Passive House Building Science

As a Passive House, Aperture is so energy efficient that body heat and appliances keep it warm throughout the winter.  Passive House means the whole home gets a constant source of fresh filtered air. Passive House means no cold spots - anywhere - and consistent temperatures throughout.  Passive House means calm and quiet. Passive House means sustainability through verifiable building science and energy efficiency.  

Passive House means Aperture is a healthy home and sustainable home - it’s a modern home designed for long term thinking.

Prefab Passive House

Aperture is designed to be a site assembled prefab Passive House.  Working closely with prefab Passive House panel manufacturers, Collective Carpentry, we developed this home’s unique design to be built in a quality controlled factory setting in order to minimize construction waste and time.  For more information about the prefab Passive House project contact us, we’re happy to answer your questions about this exciting possibility.

Aging In Place Design

Employing Universal Design principles throughout Aperture, this Portland home is designed with longevity in mind.  With 3’ minimum doorways throughout the single level interior, a zero threshold master bathroom shower and an open floor plan, Aperture seamlessly incorporates the graceful utility of aging in place design with stunning minimalist aesthetics.

Net-Zero Solar Ready     

In today’s world of rapid innovation, it’s important to design homes that are resilient and ready for the unpredictability of tomorrow’s changes.  With that in mind, the minimal energy requirements of a Passive House means a much smaller investment in solar panels is required to create a truly net-zero home.  Aperture is solar ready by design and can quickly be transformed into a neighborhood energy producer, as able to stay powered up as to help anchor a future Portland neighborhood micro-grid.

Aperture isn’t just future proofed - Aperture is the future. 

Project Type Custom Homes

Location Portland