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Modern Foursquare

Home to an artist and a fine furniture maker, this residence was designed to be sensitive to its surrounding context while also sensitive to the needs and workflows of the artists within. The home is a modest size for a family of three, with bedrooms and main entertaining spaces located on the main floor, while the lower level has an open floorplan that serves as a primary studio, printmaking space and occasional guest space.

The spirit of the interior of this home is playful and colorful, but was also restrained to allow the interiors to evolve as collections grow and experimentation takes hold. Built-in bookcases and benches line the walls and windows creating spaces that function and create refuge. A library mezzanine and connected loft from the child's bedroom utilize the volume of the home and encourage a sense play and exploration that is vital to family life.

(Built by Bicycle Homebuilding)

Project Type Custom Homes

Location Puget Sound