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Bicycle Passive House

Bicycle Passive House

Bicycle Passive House is a stunning sustainable home that maximizes expansive waterfront views, is so energy efficient that a tea kettle heats it, generates more energy than it consumes and does all of this while meeting a complex program of needs. 

It’s a home that highlights the creativity and collaborative relationships within the Passive House community and it provides a road-map forward on how to reasonably build a sustainable home in the Pacific Northwest.

Bicycle Passive House is:

  • a multi-generational home
  • an aging in place home with an ADA accessible ADU
  • a Passive House
  • a Positive Energy Home

An ADU & Multi-Generational Home

Emphasizing privacy and connectedness, Bicycle Passive House features an ADU that is separate from the primary house but remains connected by a covered walkway.  Designed to integrate three generations of family under one roof, the ADU features aging-in-place and Universal Design principles that make it fully ADA accessible without sacrificing aesthetic.  Entirely one level, the entrance is at ground level despite the site’s steep slope and fully incorporates the amazing view.

Passive House & Positive Energy Home & Community Collaboration

Passive House means independent verification that this home is so efficient that body heat and your tea pot actually heat it in the winter.  It is so efficient that making it a Positive Energy Home did not require an extensive solar array or wind farm. Designed by Artisans Group, built by Bicycle Homebuilding, and developed with the input of Passive House Certified Consultants Dan Whitmore & Skylar Swinford, Bicycle Passive House sets a new standard for easily built and assembled Passive House wall and roof assemblies.  Pacific Northwest energy codes are getting more stringent and, thanks to the collaborative efforts of our building science community, Bicycle Passive House may just be the future of how homes in this region are built. 

Project Type Custom Homes

Location Puget Sound