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Gig Harbor House and ADU

The Gig Harbor House is a residence that is home to an active, canine-loving, family of four with an attached ADU that provides extra living space or a guest suite that can be used as the family‚Äôs dynamics change over time. A private pond sits at the rear of the home, visible from the deck and main living spaces of every floor. As a health-conscious and food-focused family, a large cooks-kitchen with double islands was an important feature of the home; as well as the ability to engage outdoor spaces recreationally and capture picturesque views of the lot. Patios, multi-level decks and a private outdoor space off the ADU all engage the property while maintaining privacy. The ample living spaces, large garage, carport and fully furnished basement stretched the square footage and budget of the home and required creative solutions during construction to meet the clients ambitious goals.

Project Type Custom Homes

Location Puget Sound