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Chehalis Behavioral Health Center

The Chehalis Behavioral Health and Procedural Center is a new facility on the existing Wellness Center Campus for the Tribe of Chehalis. The new facility is 15,600 square feet with dedicated space for behavioral health including exam rooms, staff offices and meeting rooms. The large group meeting room is intended to serve patients and the community. Adjacent to the group meeting room is a large, fenced patio space intended for group events with a fire pit and storage building housing bikes.

Though connected to the behavioral health wing, the procedural center has a separate entrance. This portion of the building will house exam rooms, a large lead-lined room for potential x-ray equipment, a commercial kitchen for meal prep, and be adjacent to the all-purpose room. The all-purpose room will be a space for physical therapy sessions and a community space for meetings or yoga classes. Expansive glazing at the main building entries, the use of skylights and glazing at corridors allows for natural daylight to permeate the interiors of the building creating a welcoming, and calming environment for building users and staff.

Project Type Commercial

Location Olympia