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Temenos Passive Timberframe Octagon

The Temenos Residence is a Custom Passive House truly characterized by its shape; an octagon. The clients vision for the project is a structure and natural preserve that will outlive them and many future generations; a legacy project. At the heart of the home is a gathering space with a grand staircase and generous steps that will double as seating for musical performances. A retreat for the owners and their many guests, the home will provide a respite from urban life with amenities and spaces designed for rest, relaxation, community and creative recharge. The home is fully accessible with an entry ramp and elevator incorporated in the design for inclusivity as well as long-term planning for the occupants.

The residence is not only characterized by its 8-sided form, but by its striking hand-hewn timber frame and its adherence to only using natural, well-crafted materials and sustainable wood products. Despite its size, the residence will perform well as it balances more square footage with less surface area and an extremely efficient building envelope, windows and mechanical systems. Solar, geothermal and a holistic approach to the systems will ensure the resiliency of the home during any outages or weather events. The octagon shape made it possible to incorporate windows on every faced of the home and a wrap around deck provides stunning panoramic views.

(Built by Waterline Custom Carpentry LLC; Timberframing by Collin Beggs)

Project Type Custom Homes

Location Olympia