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New Passive House

Extra! Extra! New Passive House In The City!

A beautiful new Artisans Group Passive House custom home is underway in the Pacific Northwest!  

Located in a thriving, well established urban neighborhood, Madison Haus is an extremely energy efficient home that welcomes social engagement and maintains privacy.

new passive house

Bustling Neighborhood, Natural Light & Privacy?           

Absolutely.  Passive House is a proven, revolutionary building science we employ because we know from experience that it results in unparalleled comfort while being so energy efficient that the heat from your appliances actually heats your home. A whole house filtration system creates such fine air that seasonal and other allergens are often much less of a problem. Construction is so meticulous you can luxuriate in silence, in the middle of a city.   

Passive House features make Madison Haus a dynamic, eco-savvy home.  Window placement, from clerestory to wall, is modeled and studied in order to ensure our clients have a home glowing with natural light and heated just-right by passive solar heat gain.  Using tested material science and Passive House construction methods, we will craft this home to maintain constant indoor comfort and be extraordinarily quiet.

Our clients presented us with a wonderful opportunity to design and build a lifestyle home within strolling distance of downtown.  With a desire to welcome and participate in their amazing neighborhood, we designed toward an open and friendly entrance.  A slight rise allows minimal privacy features to have maximum impact. Once inside, they can entertain in the quiet comfort of their new Passive House while they soak in the warm glow of carefully planned natural light.

new passive house

Clearly We’re Excited                

Our clients work with us on amazing projects.  This opportunity to design and build a custom Passive House in a thriving city neighborhood is wonderful, and we look forward to bringing you future updates on our progress so keep checking in along the way!

If you have any questions, or you would like to talk with us about building a custom home for your lifestyle, Contact Us.