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Hot Summer, Passive House Cool

"What a beautiful hot summer day!" and

                      “It feels wonderful to be home.”

Sparrow Haus wonderful to be home

Imagine sitting in your living room on a hot summer day.  Warm hues of sunlight stream through your windows and bend around the walls.  Your home, aglow with Summer, has no Air Conditioner, yet remains cool and comfortable.  Fresh air filters throughout the house, though your windows are closed to keep the hot air at bay.  You relax into a deep breath and enjoy the moment in your beautiful home, built artfully for you.

This revolutionary experience in aesthetics and comfort is real, in an Artisans Group Passive House, where it feels wonderful to be home.

Award winning experts at designing and building custom homes, we listen to your dreams, and craft your super energy efficient home to be your beautiful and comfortable haven, all day, every day, all year long.   

wonderful to be home


Yes.  Spring is taking its sweet tulip filled time getting here, but summer is coming, and with it, the heat.  

In the Pacific Northwest, summer is a radiant experience.  Life abounds and stretches out thousands of shades of green.  The days are long and it is gorgeous (worst kept secret, ever).  And when you have windows to enjoy the lovely views, it can get really, really hot.

Fortunately, rigorous building science and revisited vernacular architecture bring us solutions to help you enjoy your home all summer long.


On a dream level, what do you desire from your home in the summer?

All the benefits of the sun’s light without excessive heat?  Me too!  The summer sun offers an amazing opportunity to set your home aglow.  Whether it’s bright colors, the warm tones of natural wood, or the subtle shifts of mood in your decor, the summer sun helps everything wake up and stretch out.

The Passive House building standard requires extra care and rigor throughout the design and construction process.  Detailed and exhaustive site modeling allows us to make extremely accurate shading calculations and correct flaws before they get built.  On June 5th, two years from now, we know how much cooler four-foot eaves can keep your kitchen than two-foot eaves.  This standard is so precise that as we design your home we account for the heat from your dishwasher and lightbulbs.  

An expertly designed and built Passive House home uses very little energy, takes full advantage of natural light, maintains a comfortable temperature and constantly supplies you with fresh air.  In winter, spring, summer and fall, your home is a refuge of comfort.  This is not just a dream, it’s a cutting edge building science fundamentally changing the building industry.  As industry leaders in designing and building Passive House homes, we create these marvels of comfort for our clients’ custom needs.

Our passion?  To apply architectural art and science in designing and building a custom, extremely energy efficient home for you; a home that you love to live in.

Prairie Passive wonderful to be home


will revolutionize your ideas of home comfort.  

Not only did he say good things to the NY Times about his home, our client also joyously shared with us that “the main advantage has been a new paradigm of comfort difficult to compare to anything I had experienced before.  It’s quiet, the air is always fresh, the temperature steady in a comfortable range.”  

We have analyzed our past performance and conclude that this process of building your dream home can be wonderful.  When you employ our knowledge, experience, and fascination with harmonizing beautiful design and cutting edge building science in the service of creating your dream home, you get expert advocates looking to make sure your amazing home is on budget, on time, and tuned to you.  

As a passionate and experienced Design+Build firm we have established lines of communication between all the moving parts of your team.  From the first time we speak with each other, to when you excitedly move-in and discover this wonder, we coordinate to keep your desires at the heart of your home.

We look forward to working with you.