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Artisans Group & Phoenix Haus Passive House Prefab Homes

Your - Beautiful, Sustainable, Energy Efficient, Elegant - Prefab Home

Deciding to build a new home can feel daunting.  With so many decisions that all seem to affect one another, from different finishings, to floorplans, window placement and healthy indoor air quality - the goal of an amazing new home can feel imposing, and the time it takes can feel stressful.  Time and health, quality and knowledge - they matter.  

Because we know how important your new home is, because we know it matters, we’re here to help make the experience an amazing one.

For the past 20 years, The Artisans Group has been hard at work throughout the Pacific Northwest as a full service Design+Build team.  We are dedicated to giving your dreams the care they need to become award winning wonderful homes, all with less stress for you.  

Which is why we’re happy to provide a new option to help make this process less time consuming and easier than ever.

We are honored to be part of an exciting new collaboration that brings you the next generation of amazing new homes.  The Artisans Group and Phoenix Haus present:  Passive House prefab homes.

Phoenix Haus Artisans Group

Artisans Group & Phoenix Haus

Our partnership with Phoenix Haus means real time savings as well as more options and possibilities for you.  

  • You can purchase an Artisans Group pre-designed home.  
    • Choosing a pre-designed home means you can customize finishes and make some minor changes, but the heavy lifting of an original design is complete, and that means cost and significant time savings for you.
  • You can purchase an Artisans Group custom Passive House prefab home.  
    • We work hand-in-hand with you and Phoenix Haus from the start, custom designing a home to suit your lifestyle that’s built with Phoenix Haus prefabricated assemblies.  
  • If you’re in the Pacific Northwest, the leading Passive House field experts at Artisans Group will put the entire home together for you.  
    • With more homes designed and built to the Passive House standard than any other Pacific Northwest firm, our crew has the knowledge and skill to make sure that your home performs for you.

After years of working with green building standards we settled on Passive House because it represents the best available building science for sustainability, energy independence, whole building health, and value for you.  

As we said, building your new home matters and we’re in the business of making sure you get an Artisans Group experience of security in care and quality, which means less stress and a better home for you and your loved ones.  

Whether you prefer modern home design or traditional craftsman is more your style, we believe your home should work with you, and that your home should be a source of comfort and joy.  

Phoenix Haus

With foam free prefabricated wall and roof systems constructed in a quality controlled factory, Phoenix Haus delivers sustainable Passive House walls and roofs complete with triple (or even quadruple) pane energy efficient windows, throughout the United States.

Passive House Prefab Home

A family owned business, Phoenix Haus is passionate about making sustainable attainable.  

Whether you you live in an area with no Passive House architects or carpenters, of you just want to save time, Phoenix Haus works with Passive House architects on energy models and analysis of your land, then they build all of the large pieces of your home in a quality controlled environment that minimizes waste and keeps the materials out of the elements.  The pieces of your home are then delivered to your site where professional installation and construction of your house occurs in a fraction of the time traditional home construction requires.

By partnering with The Artisans Group, you get an award winning Passive House design team with the time savings of a prefab home, all wrapped up in the sustainable Phoenix Haus Alpha wall and roof assembly system.  It’s the next level of modern home design and construction.

Passive House Prefab Homes

Because we can build the walls and roofs indoors while your site is being prepared and your foundation is being built, and because the walls and roof already have the windows, insulation, drywall, and air sealing and want only to be assembled on site, you save an immense amount of construction time.

In places where Passive House skills are difficult to find, prefab means being able to build without having to move a qualified crew into temporary housing.  

In places like Seattle where there’s a severe shortage of qualified builders, prefab means being able to deliver a high quality project without having to wait in line, or pay an exorbitant premium to skip ahead.

In places that lack the necessary materials, prefab means you can still build the home of your dreams where before you were faced with beautiful yet unbuildable land.

How Do You Get An Artisans Group Passive House Prefab Home?

If you’re interested in an Artisans Group Passive House prefab home and you’re in the Pacific Northwest, you work directly with us.  We’ll take care of all of the coordination with Phoenix Haus, and as a full service Design+Build firm we take on the stress of permitting, we develop your site, and we ensure your home is built and finished to our high standard of craftsmanship.

If you’re interested in an Artisans Group Passive House prefab home and you live in other parts of the United States, you work with us to develop your home to perform on your site.  And you work with Phoenix Haus to ensure the delivery and construction of your beautiful new Artisans Group Passive House.

As we are consistently increasing options for pre-designed Passive House prefab homes, we recommend you check back often for updates.  And, as always, we welcome your inquiries.

We look forward to our adventure together, the adventure of delivering you the home of your dreams.


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