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Vogel Haus

Vogel Haus (German for “bird house”) is a low-slung, wings-spread, and modern Passive House.  Tailored to compliment our clients’ lifestyle, Vogel Haus is where art and science meet to maximize a beautiful location, indoor air quality, and thorough enjoyment…and minimize energy consumption.

Gently resting on a grassy meadow with a classic Pacific Northwest wooded back-drop, Vogel Haus’s design opens to long sight lines and warm sunlight with floor-to-ceiling windows.  Through careful design of the home to its site, its balance of open sun exposure and treeline shade provides retreat and privacy, as well as expansive sun filled exultation.  A celebratory feature of this open floor plan is the stunning window filled dining wing that revels in the benefits of thoughtful Passive House design:  the natural light of a sun room – without overheating.

Our relationship with our clients gave us the necessary understanding to create their beautiful refuge.  Their strong connection to the outdoors and their active lifestyle as avid gardeners who value growing, preparing, and cooking their own food led us to develop an organizing flow to compliment and work for the way they live.  With Vogel Haus, the kitchen is the heart of their home – with vast Pacific Northwest views.

Project Type Custom Homes

Location Olympia

Our home is the warmest, brightest home we have ever lived in. That it can be warm, and comfortable, year-round, and operated inexpensively, with as many windows as we have, is remarkable.
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