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Seattle DADU

Accessible One Bedroom ADU

It's time to add style, value, and flexible, poetic living opportunities right in your backyard. 

Chosen by the City of Seattle for its landmark pre-approved DADU (detached accessory dwelling unit) design program, this small home design is a powerhouse of versatility, eye-catching design and pragmatic simplicity.

At 600 sq. ft., this detached one-bedroom ADU incorporates Universal Design throughout and can be built as an accessible home.  Available with either a more traditional gable roof, or with a modern shed roof, it's aesthetically flexible enough to work with varied neighborhood styles and architecturally designed for understated awesomeness.  Full of graceful aging-in-place and energy-efficient considerations, it's ready for today's opportunities and tomorrow's challenges.

Key Seattle DADU Features

  • Two available roof configurations, gable and shed.
  • Stairless entry (optional).
  • Curbless shower (optional).
  • Three-foot wide doorways.
  • Open concept floor plan.
  • Energy-efficient insulated slab-on-grade foundation.
  • Energy-efficient wall and roof design.
  • Ample natural light.
  • 9’ walls and optional vaulted ceilings.
  • A cook’s kitchen, despite its size.

Seattle DADU Program

In partnership with the City of Seattle, we're excited to offer Seattle residents an incredible deal.  

Seattle residents are eligible to purchase a fully engineered construction plan set of either the gable or shed roof design complete with Seattle energy code analysis for $1,000.

Residents of Seattle may contact us directly through our Contact Us page or by calling us at 206.639.7098 to discuss purchasing this Seattle DADU plan set.  

For more information, read below under "What's included in the Seattle DADU plan set."

If you are not a resident of Seattle you can still purchase and build this ADU at a fraction of the cost of designing and building a custom backyard cottage.  For more information, read below under “I’m not a Seattle resident…”. 

What’s Included in the Seattle DADU plan set?

If you’re a resident of Seattle, the Seattle DADU plan set includes almost everything the City requires to get your permit, and you’re on the fast track to building your new backyard home. 

As part of the City of Seattle’s pre-approved DADU program, the Seattle DADU plan set includes engineering and energy calculations specific to Seattle’s Municipal Code.

In order to obtain a permit in Seattle, you will still need a site plan specific to your property as well as the completed permitting paperwork.  Please contact us to discuss completing your plan set for a Seattle permit.

I’m not a Seattle resident, can I still purchase and build the Seattle DADU?  

Yes, absolutely!  

For $1,000 you can still purchase either the gable or shed roof design for building on your property.  Both DADU designs can be built in almost every permitting jurisdiction that allows detached accessory dwelling units.

Because cities and counties have different requirements for obtaining a permit, we recommend that you speak directly with your property’s permitting authority to find out which additional sheets will be required.  Some common examples include (but are not limited to) a site plan, structural engineering details and calculations, stormwater management plan, and energy code analysis.

We are happy to work with you to customize your design and develop the plan set for you to obtain a permit.  

Please reach out through our website’s Contact Us page or by calling 360.570.0626 to discuss how we can work together.