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Slide number 1 - QueenAnne_Front.jpg
Slide number 2 - QueenAnne_Corner.jpg
Slide number 3 - QueenAnne_Entry.jpg
Slide number 4 - QueenAnne_Tower.jpg
Slide number 5 - QueenAnne_Back.jpg
Slide number 6 - QueenAnne_Front_Porch.jpg
Slide number 7 - QueenAnne_Front_Kitchen.jpg
Slide number 8 - QueenAnne_Front_Living.jpg
Slide number 9 - QueenAnne_Stairs.jpg
Slide number 10 - QueenAnne_Kitchen_Bath.jpg
Slide number 11 - QueenAnne_Kitchen_Stairs.jpg
Slide number 12 - QueenAnne_Rooftop.jpg
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Queen Anne Passive House

The Queen Anne Passive clients wanted a striking modern Passive House, that would both contrast the more historic surrounding homes and compliment the scale of the neighborhood. Two suspended forms are staggered to create balance and dramatic effect. The views of the Puget Sound, privacy and solar access are all optimized on a narrow lot with carefully considered window placement. This 2,600 sf home, a functional sculpture, is full of fanciful moments along with creative spaces for an active family.

Project Type Custom Homes

Location Queen Anne