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Island Passive

A sleek and energy efficient single-family home, Island Passive is designed to work with its stunning San Juan Islands location and maximize the practical use of its space.  Every inch of this home is optimized to support the home owners' lifestyle and feature the gorgeous natural scenery outside.

Organized around a pinwheel design that makes every part of the home feel connected and continuous, Island Passive House is a great example of the power in understated elegance.  From its built-in custom cabinetry and expansive triple pane window to its finishes, the home creates a wonderful sense of belonging and delight.

Designed to be flexible, adaptable and flowing, the traffic patterns support extended sight lines and a sense of spaciousness that belie the cozy size.   

A Prefab Passive House

Additionally, this home is an excellent example of a working and fully certified Prefab Passive House.  Due to its remote location and the lack of qualified builders at the time of its construction, we worked closely with our clients to develop a design that was conducive to off-site prefabrication of the wall systems.

Featured in DWELL

Project Type Custom Homes

Location San Juan Islands


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