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Heron Haus

This 1,100 sf Passive House packs a punch for its modest size. It boasts a high design industrial feel with its exposed concrete interior spine. Built for aging in place, this plan can flex from 1,100 sf, 1 bedroom, office and bath up to a 2 or 3 bedroom, 2 bath home; a great candidate for staged building. The design can be mirrored or turned for optimal solar exposures, taking advantage of the ample glass and large operable sliding door in the Great room. Concrete elements at the entry create a courtyard effect and become a back drop to dramatic plantings, framing a strong relationship between the house and the site. Heron Haus can have mid century modern roots, a traditional gable or a rectilinear modern exterior. Are you a “caviar on a beer budget” kind of person? Then this is the home for you.

Project Type Custom Homes

Location Olympia