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Commencement Bay Craftsman

A custom modern Craftsman home located in a historic district of Tacoma Washington, Commencement Bay Craftsman was built to suit and enhance our clients' lifestyle, feature the world class view, and elegantly blend into its historic hillside neighborhood.

At 2,200 sf, this single-family home marries traditional craftsman style with modern energy efficiency and design.  A Built Green Level 5, the home features an extremely efficient Heat Return Ventilation system, amazing indoor air quality, thermal solar hot water, solar panels, hydronic radiant in-floor heat, warm wood interior detailing, timeless built-in cabinetry, tastefully placed wood coffered ceilings, and expansive views of Commencement Bay and Mt. Rainier that harvest the eastern sunlight for winter heat.  

Built on a steep slope, the top floor garage and entry work with the challenges of this site to welcome you into a wonderful Pacific Northwest Craftsman home.        

Project Type Custom Homes

Location Tacoma