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Update: Siding for the Jewel Box

A few days ago I posted a write up by the homeowner of The Jewel Box, a lovely little modest-modern waterfront Passive House here in Olympia. The homeowner has been in a quandary about what type of siding to use. As a woodworker and artist with memories of a time when there were mountainous piles of flawless, straight grain wood to be found at most lumberyards, he’s coming to discover his relationship with modern day materials. Enjoy his write up here.

Meanwhile, he’s decided on his siding and reports:

“We’ll use a new corner detail for the buildings at the Refuge. The siding will be smooth hardiplank in a bevel siding arrangement, horizontal strips with three inches of exposed face.
I don’t like the standard aluminum cleats or vertical boards generally used to finish the siding at the corners. Here’s my illustration of a solution I prefer: steel angle iron creating an inverted corner. I’ll have them welded up by a local fabricator.”