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Update on the Finch Pocket House and The Tour of Homes.....Also, Pirates

For those of you watching the progress of our very first Pocket House, the Finch Haus, with bated breath, I regret to inform you this particular project won't be on the upcoming Tour of Homes. Schedule wise, it was going to be close, but our gorgeous and high-performance windows have been delayed by Mother Nature on their container ship on the ocean. I like to imagine pirates were involved as well, like the traditional peg-legged, eye-patch, scurvy-gummed scoundrels from childhood tales.

 In the meantime though, we have been finishing up the foam installation on the exterior and weather sealing the window bucks in anticipation for the rapidly approaching window installation. The garish black strips are a material called “Cora-A-Vent.” They form a very consistent gap, which is critical to our rain screen installation and the longevity of our siding installations. You can see the handsome form start to emerge, even amidst the strips.

Side Front Edge The Leapfrog project will be our gem on display this year for the Tour of Homes. Watch for a blog about its presence on the tour happening August 16-17.