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The Electric Grid - How does the Borg work or not

The Electric Grid - How does the Borg work or not

Though it’s not about design or construction or cool new interior products, if you are an information junkie like me, you may find this interesting in this age of hyper energy awareness. National Public Radio covered a provocative story earlier this year examining the costs, the politics and other challenges of upgrading our country’s electricity grid. The series covers the big issues surrounding the nations transmission lines from the immediate need for new lines to how renewable power interacts with the current system. Listen to the series here.

NPR also created a handy interactive grid map that illustrates some interesting facts about energy use in our country. It also shows us the existing and proposed infrastructure referenced in their story. Did you know that Washington state’s power comes from the following sources:

Hydro: 71% Coal: 10% Gas: 8% Nuclear: 8% Biomass: 2% Wind: <1% Oil: <1% Other: <1>#/strong###

This series will demystify some of the curiosities you may have had about power transmission in the past, but I assure you, it will likely create new questions about what the next generation of traveling power will look like across our great nation.