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Super Energy Efficient Home Construction in the San Juan Islands, Part II

In a recent post we talked about the site work and foundation of an energy efficient home design that we are building in the San Juan Islands north of Seattle.  That post can be found here: This is the second posting about the rough framing of the home.  We prefabricated the exterior walls of this design, and we also pre-constructed a "pod", which is a  central component of the home and includes the kitchen, two bathrooms, and the mechanical room of the home. The central pod can be seen in the photo below.  Our Interior Designer, Brenda Fritsch, is discussing rough in details with the electrical subcontractors - in the relative comfort of our prefabrication facility. Here is a picture of the prefabricated walls of the home, sitting on a trailer and ready for transport. The central pod is wrapped and on its way to the San Juans. The prefab wall sections are arriving at the job site.  The last two wall sections were carried up to the San Juan Islands by a full size van and a relatively small trailer. Here we are moving the super insulated wall panels from the trailer to the house site. One of the really cool things about prefab is that remote job sites can be built upon with relatively small impact to the site. The first wall section is placed on the house floor. The central pod is installed in a hole in the floor framing of the home, and can be seen through the window of the first wall section. More wall sections being placed.  Most energy efficient home construction relies on walls with a lot of insulation. Prefab really pays off when building super insulated structures during times of bad weather:  these wall sections are wrapped to protect the insulation that is installed at our prefabrication facility, and they will be under the home's new roof before the insulation can get wet. Within a few days, the truss package arrives and is placed on the tops of the insulated wall panels. In no time at all, the trusses are installed and the roof is on - this super energy efficient home is fully weathered in!