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South Sound Green Tour Success

Despite driving rains and aggressive squalls on Saturday, the turn out for the tour was outstanding, and even better on Sunday with the beautiful sunny weather!

Folks are genuinely intrigued and curious to learn more about the new efficient technologies and how they can play an active role in a ‘greener’ or more sustainable lifestyle.

Our designer, Tessa Smith, presented on Passive House design and the inherent lifestyle value, environmental benefits and the surprising cost savings of designing and building to those standards. She was a real hit, there was standing room only! Once folks understand that Passive House is not the same as a passive solar house, and they start to learn about the simple but precise design that allows them to cut up to 90% of their heating/cooling bills per month in our climate (or any climate for that matter), they are hooked!

We also hosted David Jennings of Rainier Renewable Energy who brought a full cast of very cool products. On Saturday, during the pouring rains, we were all awed by the fact that the evacuated solar tubes, for heating water, were actually hot! Who said solar doesn’t work in the PNW?

There were lot of other really outstanding demonstrations and presentations that were very well attended. Overall, the Tour was a huge success and I think we are all considering what we might do for next year to make it that much more fun and interesting, tough challenge!

A special thanks to all the folks that made this happen, especially the community for having such an earnest interest in a greener lifestyle.