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South Sound Green Tour Reminder

Just a last reminder to check out the South Sound Green Tour this weekend April 17 &18. The Tour sites are open from 10am to 4pm, there is a schedule and map of the workshops and demonstrations here.

Tuesday’s Olympian featured a front page article about the Cooper Residence, which will be on the tour. Tessa Smith, our building designer at The Artisans Group, designed the home and it was built by Cory Eckert, owner of Laupen Homes. It’s a PNW Mediterranean-style home with many green features that come together in a very impressive residence. Worth a visit!

Here is a primer on How to Do the Tour, note the Passport which, if you go to at least 8 of the sites this will put you in the running to win prizes!

There will lots of great workshops and demonstrations around the tour sites, we have some fun stuff happening at The Artisans Group... including Solar Powered Cookies! We sure hope to see on Saturday or Sunday!