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Peace Industry Felt Rugs

The best parts of building a new home or finishing a remodel are the final touches that make it feel like home. It’s hard to resist a perfectly suited hand-made rug to put the period at the end of your project. Peace Industry out of San Francisco hand makes small batches from 100% lambswool and biodegradable vegetable dyes. These rugs are chemical free, sustainable and fair trade and uniquely beautiful! These rugs are every thing ‘green’ should be.

The story of their business is wonderful! Here’s a little quote:

Melina and Dodd Raissnia arrived in Tehran in 2002 in search of this obscure tradition they had no information that would dictate where or how their journey would begin. That is because the felt rug tradition in Iran, though ancient, has remained undocumented and almost unknown by the international textile and rug community.”

I encourage you to visit their website, they have a super gallery and a friendly presentation. Enjoy! Z