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Passivhaus (Passive House) II

This blog follows on from our previous post – Passivhaus (Passive House I).

It’s a whole new playing field for construction these days. Designing and building with the environment is becoming the standard in new home building and remodeling projects. It’s an exciting time and fun for us to keep our eyes peeled for exceptional projects out there. We’ll post those often as we discover the nuggets, but for now, here is a couple that we think are worthy of note.

1.Passivhaus (Passive House) -Whistler, BC

This is an interesting project that is taking place just north of the border from us. An Austrian architectural company joined forces with Whistler, BC to design and build a Passive House structure to be used by the Austrians during the 2010 winter Olympics. They’ll use the building to host the Austrian Olympic Committee as well as the Austrian public broadcasters. Once the games are finished, they will donate the house to the Whistler community. This will be a super demonstration model, excellent market exposure and ultimately an outstanding educational opportunity to advance the cause of green building! This is one to keep an eye on! We’ll keep you posted….


2. The 100K house- A very Green Thing

The 100k house is a cool project in urban Philadelphia. The project is a noble attempt to prove that building green can be affordable. The designers went with a simple, modern style; the results are elegant and well integrated into the surrounding urban neighborhood. Initially, they shot to meet the rigorous Passive House standards, but the end result garnered a LEED Platinum certification, still worth writing home about! And the cost….under 100K! They did a nice job, check out their blog!

General Specs for 100k House:

Images of 100K house: